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Sherry Medium Dry

Sherry Medium Dry: a Medium Dry Sherry


Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry ages in its own Solera of small casks. The pale wines selected just after the harvest slowly evolve into colours of medium gold amber. They become richer and subtly complex. Later a small amount of sweet Sherry is blended in to give a wonderful medium dry character with just a touch of sweetness.


Mildly aromatic, with an amber colour of copper and gold, Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry is very harmonious to the taste. An agreeable touch of sweetness from the first moment gives way to a nutty flavours and a long clean finish.


Should be stored standing, avoid intense light and maintain a constant temperature of 10ºC-20ºC.


Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry is ready to drink and does not require decanting. Serve chilled, between 10ºC-12ºC. Once open Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry will remain fresh for up to 8 weeks.


The freshness of this wine make a perfect chilled aperitif or on ice. It also works as a match to pâtés, smoked meats and rich seafood soups as well as some cheeses. With a Spritzz! of soda it works well as a long drink.

Technical Details
Jerez Region
Amber Colour
15% Alcohol
10º Min & 12º Max Temperature
4,6 g/L (tartaric acid) Acidity
45 g/L Sugar
3,4 pH
AVIN2598313902848 AVIN
Nutritional information
per mL per portion (mL)
  • Alcohol Alcohol
  • Energetic Value Energetic Value
  • Sugar Sugar
  • others
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten
  • Contains sulfites Alergenics
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  • Hazelnut Melon Candied Fruit Honey
Candied Fruit
Spanish Wine Producer of the Year 2003 International Wine and Spirits Competition United Kingdom
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