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A New Unique Look for Sandeman Aged Tawny Portos



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The high quality of Sandeman’s Aged Tawnies in a disruptive, luxurious new package

We are proud to present the new look for the 1020, 30 and 40 Years Old Sandeman Tawny Ports: a completely new approach to Porto Wine packaging that takes cues from vibrant and innovative luxury drinks categories. 

These new clear bottles allow us to show off the beautiful color of each of the Aged Tawnies in a package which tells their story in an elaborate and sophisticated manner.

Customised, clear and embossed glass has been selected to showcase the beautiful amber tones of the contents, to entice and help consumers choose between the different ages of Tawny.  Elaborate labels feature the mysterious Sandeman figure and highlight the long history of the House and its credentials as a producer. The medals stake our claim as the producer of the most highly awarded Portos on the market. The “ice” base of the bottle induces consumers to drink the Sandeman Aged Tawnies chilled (or cool). And a vinolok glass bottle closure allows the bottle to be opened and closed easily over and over again.

Sandeman Aged Tawnies are now (or will soon be) available with these new bottles in bars, restaurants, hotels and top retailers near you. They are are best served cool, or even chilled and can be enjoyed simply on their own, or as a premium ingredient in luxury cocktails. Sandeman’s 20 Years Old Tawny has long been recognised as the benchmark of the category.

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