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Mário Belém & Sandeman

Tradition and contemporary artistry
side by side

Mário Belém

Sandeman's relationship with art is centuries old. Artists have always been called upon to contribute to the visual universe of a brand that from an early age valued a sophisticated approach to its communication.

This project is an opportunity to revisit this extraordinary heritage and remember the pieces, drawings, and paintings that are a part of our imagination. It is also a commitment to a future that is closer to the artistic universe, with space to continue history through the artists who create images of our time. It is a path that Sandeman wants to share with everyone, incorporating the art that comes from these collaborations into its products and communication.


We started with artist Mário Belém, and the integration of historical iconography in the universe of a contemporary artist, resuming a movement to renew the symbolic value of the Sandeman universe.

Sandeman Belem Garrafas Cmyk

"O Barco" and "O Beco"

Mário Belém developed 2 new pieces.

The “Barco” piece was applied to the Founder's Reserve tube and tells the story of a man reminiscing with his past, in the Douro context. The meeting friends, as described by Mário Belém, is the coming together of a man and his memory of good wine. The record he looks at and listens to is the emotion of reliving that experience and tasting great Porto again.

The “Beco” piece is a journey through history, by way of the magic of the artist. This imaginary alley is composed of reinterpretations and allusions, evoking iconographic elements of Sandeman's history through the application of a language closer to “street art”, bringing history to contemporary times. The Street is the backdrop and reinforces the context of the layout: now more than ever, art is no longer limited to a gallery. Art is on the Street - a traditionally familiar place to Sandeman, through posters, tiles, and other artistic interventions such as murals. 

Neon Don

The Don

Created by British artist George Massiot Brown in 1928, the Don’s iconic look combines the typical Jerez de la Frontera sombrero hat and a traditional black cape, worn by Portuguese students.


Come Fine Me 2 Min (1)
Stencil 02 Min (1)
Miuda Min (1)

In Greek mythology, Centaurs are considered to be as wild as untamed horses.

Centauro Mb Min



Mb Cover Min

A walk through: The art of Sandeman

Mário Belém is an extraordinary storyteller whose visually rich work includes many elements from Portuguese culture, often with overlays of different meanings and hidden details that invite viewers in to discover them.

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Foto Mário Belém

Mário Belém

Born in 1977, Mário Belém is a Portuguese urban artist and designer that is known for combining illustrations and words in his work, conveying aspects of art and literature that few can.

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