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Hugo Makarov & Sandeman

Wine to taste with
your eyes

Hugo Makarov
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Sandeman has always lived side by side with art. This idea is in the genesis of the brand and in the collaborations we have made over the years.

To keep alive this legacy, we brought together 3 contemporary visual artists. It is clear that their work builds a bridge that doesn't forget tradition, making a clear connection between past, present and future.

We invited Hugo Makarov to reflect his vision of Porto wine in all its different forms and characteristics to create an art piece that, just like the wine itself, is meant to be appreciated between sips.

For this piece of work, he took inspiration from the heritage engraved in the walls of the Sandeman Terrace, facing the Sandeman Cellars, aiming to make something that we can taste with our eyes.

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A Sandeman Sketchbook Project

An artwork based on three different but intertwined visions that recreates the origins and exposes the future in all its details. Not based on a canvas but on a sketchbook, where all ideas start and the passion starts to thrive.


Galery 01
Galery 02
Galery 03
Galery 04
Galery 05
Galery 06
Galery 07

From the textures and characteristics of the wine itself, a set of personified figures emerges from the past, to tell the story of the people and raw nature that were the roots of a tradition that lasts until today. Also, the future is represented by nowadays bartenders glamour and cocktails with endless possibilities.

The frames that encapsulate the art pieces reflect the earth and warm tones with recycled wine boxes and other used materials, to assure that the past is not lost but used to give shape and enhance the future.

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A process exposed

Sandeman is produced by the traditional Porto Wine method. From the hand-picking of grapes and the extraction of the best components to a rich and magnificent wine, it brings to every bottle the craftsmanship that has been carried throughout generations. In his art, Makarov follows the same approach.

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Hugo Makarov

Born in 1979, Makarov entered the visual arts world real soon and started his path as an illustrator and tattoo artist, always with the daily passion of carrying a sketchbook around.
Dare to explore Makarov’s visual world here.



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