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Francisco Vidal & Sandeman

The Don transported to
the senses

Francisco Vidal
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Revisiting an extraordinary heritage and remembering the pieces, drawings and paintings that are a part of our imagination: these are some of Sandeman's values.

It is also a commitment to a future that is closer to the artistic universe, with space to continue history through the artists who create images of our time.

We invited Francisco Vidal to express his own contemporary interpretation of one of the most symbolic and emblematic characters not only from Sandeman but also from Porto itself.

This time around, Francisco made the Sandeman Hostel the place where ideas were brought to life, sharing his work-in-progress with the visitors in real-time. It was way more than simply opening the doors of his “studio”. He gave people access to his thinking and creative process.

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The Spirit of Porto

Not only a mysterious man behind its cloak that savours in the shadows but also a man that awakens the senses: the smell, the taste and even the touch.

An image based on an intriguing man that is also a giant, that walks through Douro and marks the landscape. A flaneur that walks by the narrow streets, curves, alleys, bridges and hills, until he is lost in imagination and in time. A man that, most of all, never gives up on walking through the past, present and future. A dark wanderer expressed by colorful tones of a sweet and light feeling of flight through Douro landscapes.

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The inspiration

Created by British artist George Massiot Brown in 1928, the Don’s iconic look combines the typical Jerez de la Frontera sombrero hat and a traditional black cape, worn by Portuguese students.



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The guardian of Douro

Don’s presence is indissociable from Douro river. Walking through the shores it is impossible not to notice his magnificence, watching over its realm.

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Francisco Vidal

Born in 1978, Francisco works between Luanda and Lisbon making the most of several aesthetics from cubism, african textiles to the hip-hop underground culture, such as graffiti and street art.
Francisco’s work is definitely worth a closer look, and you can find it here.



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