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Fiumani & Sandeman

The art of slowing down

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The relationship between art and Sandeman is old - but gold.

Since our foundation we have been dedicated to it, always looking for new ways to challenge artists to create the most exceptional pieces of art, capable of expressing our modern mindset and traditions.

In our most recent project, we invited 3 artists to express their unique vision.

We asked Fiumani to reflect Sandeman’s spirit through his art and he presented us with a dialogue between the fast pace of times and the slowness of nature, with the eyes on the sky and feet on the ground.

Quinta do Seixo couldn’t fit any better as the backdrop of this visual essay on humankind existence.

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Soul on the moon

A sculpture that is a true reflection of human evolution, industrial progress and the impacts that all of these developments have had on natural ecosystems.

Nature, in all its power and beauty, is undeniably one of the biggest assets we can experience as humans. Something that we don’t own but sometimes we seem to forget it. This magnificent sculpture questions this exact statement: the gap between the world we are creating and the lack of awareness we have about our surroundings.

Humans, and humanity as a whole, face constant challenges and are developing at an accelerated pace. With the eyes on the sky and soul on the moon, sometimes there’s the need to look down and focus on the natural.

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Nature’s perfect harmony

Perfectly integrated into the landscape, the winery gives winemakers all options to produce high-quality wines respecting the diversity of the estate’s 70 hectares of vines – with only traditional grapes, planted separately in modern plots with different aspects or field blended in multi-faced century-old terraces.

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Filippo Fiumani

Born in 1987, Fiumani is an Italian designer and artist inspired by a wide range of influences that helped him to create his own unique imagination and aesthetics.
He defines his art as Borderline Art between Trash & Technology.
Discover what that means here.



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