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Camila Nogueira & Sandeman

Tradition and contemporary artistry
side by side

Sandeman Final

Sandeman's relationship with art is centuries old. Artists have always been called upon to contribute to the visual universe of a brand that from an early age valued a sophisticated approach to its communication.

For the second year, this project is an opportunity to revisit this extraordinary heritage and remember the pieces, drawings, and paintings that are a part of our imagination.

For this year, we work with the artist Camila Nogueira and the focus is a colorful and fun atmosphere where Porto Wine should be consumed.


"Sandeman’s Paradise" and "O Bar"

Camila developed 2 pieces.

“Sandeman’s Paradise” is inspired by The Garden Of Eden that originated an indulgent artwork for a limited edition of Sandeman Founders Reserve giftbox. The idea is to open up the Sandeman imaginary, creating a sort of enchanted world where the characters are enjoying life’s pleasures.

”The bar” is a journey through Sandeman history and iconic products. Keeping her style, very alive and colourful, Camila managed to to keep either an aspirational dreamscape and reinforce Sandeman’s historical richness and diversity.

This piece presents the magic of the Sandeman’s natural environment: a cool and sophisticated Bar.

Quadro Quinta Do Seixo

Quinta do Seixo

There are few landscapes in Portugal as rich in beauty and history as Quinta do Seixo's views. With 100 hectares and vines with over a hundred years of history, this place is a mosaic of tradition and nature's living colours. A liveliness that gains new tons as the seasons change. It is here that Sandeman's high-quality wines born and take shape.



Garrafa Lbv Quinta Do Seixo

Sandeman Vintage Quinta do Seixo 2017

At release in 2019, ‘Sandeman Quinta do Seixo 2017 Vintage Port’ was awarded a perfect score of 100 points by ‘Wine Enthusiast’ and #1 in the “2019 Cellar Selection ranking” of this publication, a selection of the 100 best cellar wines tasted by Wine Enthusiast over the year.



Garrafas Old Tawnies

Aged Tawnies

The brand's acclaimed Aged Tawnies reflect Sandeman's know-how and long tradition of mastering the fine art of blending. Sandeman has with this portfolio of 10, 20, 30 and 40 Years Old Tawnies an impressive collection of medals of distinction from international competitions which make it the most awarded Port Wine brand in the world.



Sandeman Cellars: a magnificent and historical building in front of the Douro River.

Quadro Cavessandeman





It has been used for more than two centuries to age the world’s most recognized Porto wines inside hundreds of wooden casks and vats. It is opened for visitors who which to uncover the history and art of this mysterious brand, on a journey conducted by its enigmatic image – The Don.

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Camila Nogueira

Camila Nogueira

Born in 1993, Camila Nogueira is a Portuguese artist currently living in the beautiful Porto city, Portugal. Since 2015, Camila has been working as a freelancer developing commercial illustration projects, working with international brands, music labels, and other artists, as well as making time for her personal work. At the moment she is focused on reinterpreting places with a magical vibe, and creating surreal worlds that she would love to live in.



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