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Porto Late Bottled Vintage

Porto Late Bottled Vintage 2013: a LBV Port


High quality wines of the 2013 vintage were carefully selected and blended to create the strong, full, fruity character of Sandeman Porto Late Bottled Vintage 2013. This wine was wood-aged for about 4 years and bottled unfiltered, maintaining the style of a single-vintage wine.


A deep ruby colour. An aroma of good intensity and complexity with balsamic notes of resin and rock rose, floral notes of basil, splashes of red and black fruits, and spicy tones of black pepper. On the palate, this wine has good volume, a lively acidity and robust tannins, alongside prominent notes of red and black fruit, and black pepper. It has an incredibly balanced finish.


Produced using "traditional" Porto Wine technology. Further to the start of alcoholic fermentation, after soft-crushing and partial destemming, intense maceration took place via treading in granite lagares and pumping in stainless steel tanks at automatically controlled temperatures, in order to extract the inherent qualities of the grape skins. The wine's balance and harmony, as well as its body and structure, result from the selection of suitable grapes and the ideal moment to end the fermentation .


After the harvest, the wine remained in the Douro. It was transferred to Vila Nova de Gaia the following spring, where it matured in the traditional manner in oak casks. During this period, it was subject to periodic racking, and various tests and analysis to monitor its evolution. The final blend was made after a rigorous selection process, using wines befitting the quality and style of L.B.V Sandeman. This wine was not subject to routine finishing procedures, and a natural deposit may therefore form in the bottle.


Although this wine can be consumed immediately, it will reach its peak - in terms of quality - further to aging in the bottle. It is envisaged that it will continue to evolve positively for 10-15 years after bottling. In order to aid this process, allied to traditional finishing procedures, this wine was bottled in black glass to provide protection against the negative effects of light, and corked with a cylindrical stopper identical to that used for Vintage Porto. Store horizontally in fresh conditions.


Up until its second year, this wine requires no special treatment. After this time, it is recommended that the bottle be stored vertically a day before opening, and decanted prior to consumption. Serve at between 16ºC-18ºC.


This wine pairs wonderfully with cheeses, rich chocolatey desserts, fresh fruit and red fruit tarts.

Technical Details
Douro Region
20,5% Alcohol
16º Min & 18º Max Temperature
4,5 g/L (tartaric) Acidity
94 g/L Sugar
3,5 pH
Nutritional information
per ml per portion (ml)
  • Alcohol Alcohol
  • Energetic Value Energetic Value
  • Sugar Sugar
  • others
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten
  • Contains sulfites Alergenics
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  • Blackberry Black Pepper Strawberry Raspberry
Silver Medal 2018 International Wine Challenge United Kingdom
Silver Medal 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards United Kingdom
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