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2018: Sandeman Declares Vintage




2018, an harvest year that will certainly become part of Sandeman’s history

After two exceptional years, Sogrape has just announced the declaration of 2018 Vintage Sandeman. A harvest year with quite a few challenges, but that will certainly become part of Sandeman’s history. 

"2018 is one of the best, if not the best Vintage year I have witnessed”, claims Luís Sottomayor, head winemaker of Sogrape’s Douro and Port wines. “The special conditions experienced during the 2018 harvest came together to produce wines that combine extraordinary elegance with an unusual structure, thus achieving excellent complexity and balance, with great ageing potential," he said. 

The Douro region experienced an extremely dry, cold winter, which had a direct impact in the vineyard and delayed bud burst. Spring was very rainy and wet, delaying maturation further. These conditions gave rise to a few diseases in the vineyard, resulting in some loss of production. Lower yields had a very positive effect, however, on grape concentration and quality. The vineyard coped well through a very hot, dry summer, with an extended maturation of great quality.

The final product reflects the authenticity and style Sandeman is famous for – a more structured, robust profile – with a classic character and an excellent quality. As always.

Discover Sandeman Porto Vintage 2018

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