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The House Of Sandeman 11

The Independent Collective and Sandeman are set to premiere the world's first-ever branded hostel, in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The opening of The House of Sandeman Hostel & Suites will mark the dawn of a new era - with the project aiming to make Sandeman Porto Wine the toast of the city of Porto. 

A pioneering and innovative brand, Sandeman is embarking on its latest adventure: launching the first branded hostel anywhere in the world. Located on the same site as its newly renewed wine cellars, The House of Sandeman Hostel & Suites is moments away from the River Douro and the iconic Dom Luis I Bridge, and offers sweeping views of the city.

The hostel itself is composed of 12 suites: 43 hostel beds divided across four units of accommodation that cater for a total of 67 guests. All of the decor is inspired by Port Wine and the Sandeman brand, with guests invited to share a drink with the iconic ‘Don'.

Within the same building is a new branded restaurant 'The George', a tribute to the company's founder George Sandeman, which serves novel and modern interpretations of classic dishes from northern Portugal. With signature dishes from chef Pedro Limão, 'The George' takes you on a journey of traditional cuisine that explores the wines, products and flavours of the Douro.

Ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Sandeman?

For more information on the The House of Sandeman Hostel & Suites and The George Restaurant and Terrace, see 

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