After 170 years of experience, the moment has come…

Very Old

Tawny Port.

Over 90 years

Veil Very Old Tawny Porto Hint V2

The experience is better with sound

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The Story


Sandeman Veil is a sublime example of a legacy built over many years.

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The Story Unveiled

A quest for


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In the mid-19th century, Sandeman began devoting special attention to the making of Tawny Ports, building a path of dedication, learning, and expertise in blending Aged Tawnies.


of Master


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This quest would not have been possible without our passionate and dedicated Master Blenders, who have nurtured, refined, and raised Sandeman Aged Tawnies to the highest level.

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The Art

of Blending

The ultimate expression of this art was conceived through a unique combination of old Tawnies, with distinct but complementary personalities.

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The Art of Blending

“a long and

enduring process”

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led his team on a mission of tasting and selecting old Tawny Ports from Sandeman’s stock.

Luís Sottomayor is the Head of the Winemaking Team of Douro and Port Wines at Sogrape and the creator of world-famous wines such as Barca Velha and Sandeman Aged Tawnies.

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The perfect



Of the 7 selected wines, Sandeman chose the final 5. Each wine has their own particular characteristics of sweetness, acidity, and aromas, producing this distinct "personality" in the final blend.

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By the end of the process, Luis and his team of blenders selected 7 different wines, ranging from 80 to 120 years. Of these, 5 were chosen, each with their particular characteristics.

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Sandeman Veil honours the enduring spirit that makes us capable of overcoming obstacles and improving over the course of time.

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Celebrating human tenacity

A tribute

to many

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This over 90 years old Very Old Tawny Port is a merited tribute to the generations of Blenders who have refined and raised Sandeman Aged Tawnies to the highest level.

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by the Don

Sandeman Veil was greatly inspired by THE DON.

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Inspired by the Don

A legacy

of mystery

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Created in 1928, the DON quickly became Sandeman's greatest symbol, with a dramatic dark figure and an aura of mystery and elegance surrounding it.

A Story

in common

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THE DON and Sandeman Veil have plenty in common. The bottle’s silhouette evokes images of the Don's cape and the crystal capsule reminds us of the unique sombrero hat.

Unveil The Outside 06

An exclusive

limited edition

Unveil The Outside 04

A crystal

capsule on top

Inspired by Don's hat.
Unveil The Outside 05 V2
Unveil The Outside 03 V2

A delicate

crystal bottle

with a silhouette reminiscent of The Don.
Unveil The Outside 01

A magnificent

rosewood case

with a perforated door that subtly reveals the inside.
Unveil The Outside 02
Unveil The Outside 00
Meet this unique creation. The bottle was produced by the experienced hands of artisans at Vista Alegre, the world-renowned company in the art of producing crystal pieces.

Unveiling the


A limited and unique edition.
An experience to never forget.

Unveil the inside

Unveil the outside

Find the

tasting notes


the bottle

Be responsible. Drink in moderation.

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Unveil The Inside 00
Tasting Notes A captivatingly bright wine, golden tawny in colour with greenish hues.
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Unveil The Inside 02
An intense and intricate aroma, with notes of wax, iodine, spices such as curry, pepper, ginger, nutmeg and saffron, balsamic notes of resin, cedar, and tobacco, a touch mentholated, as well as slight notes of undergrowth and truffle.
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rich and complex

on the palate

Encompassing notes of wax and strong spices, with an excellent balance between sweetness and acidity, and an exceptionally long and remarkable finish.