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Porto Vau Vintage

Porto Vau Vintage 2011: a Vintage Port


Sandeman Vau Vintage is a Vintage Porto of exceptional quality, contemporary in style. It can may be enjoyed with pleasure while still young or after ageing.


Vau Vintage 2011 is very deeply coloured, almost opaque, with hints of purple. Very intense aroma, with floral notes such as gum cystus and violet, bright red fruit, notably strawberry and raspberry, and spices, in particular pepper and clove - all adding up to serious complexity. On the palate it has good structure, well-balanced acidity and nicely-evolved tannins, with the floral aromas and red fruits still in evidence, and a long, harmonious finish.


Hand-picked at optimal ripeness, the grapes were vinified in our wineries in the traditional way. Fermentation took place at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks and robotic lagars (shallow, open troughs fitted with mechanical devices that mimic foot-treading to extract colourfrom the skins). The fermentation was stopped by addition of wine spirit at the ideal point for each grape variety. The wines, naturally sweet and rich, were inky and full bodied, with great power and aromatic concentration.


The exceptional wines chosen to make up the final blend of this Sandeman Porto Vau Vintage 2011 were transported to the Sandeman lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia, where they were matured in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity. Their gradual evolution was constantly watched over by the winemaking team, who, after multiple tastings, were satisfied that the wines were indeed excellent, and made the final blend. This magnificent Sandeman Porto Vau Vintage 2011 was bottled, untreated, in 2013.


Although Sandeman Porto Vau Vintage 2011 was made to be appreciated in its youth, this is a Vintage wine with the potential to age up to approximately 15 years. It comes in a black bottle with a seal and a long cork to protect it during ageing. Store the bottle on its side at a constant temperature of between 16ºC-18ºC, shielded from intense light.


If aged for more than 5 years, Sandeman Porto Vau Vintage 2011 may require decanting. For that purpose the bottle should be kept upright for at least 24 hours and the cork carefully extracted. The clear wine should then slowly be poured into a decanter without letting the sediment through. Serve between 16ºC-18ºC. Once open, Sandeman Porto Vau Vintage 2011 should be enjoyed within 2-3 days, approximately.


Sandeman Porto Vau Vintage 2011 makes a perfect accompaniment for richly chocolaty puddings and desserts as well as red fruit tarts. It also makes successful combinations with strong, creamy cheeses.

Technical Details
Douro Region
Purple-red Colour
21% Alcohol
10º Min & 18º Max Temperature
5,42 g/L (tartaric acid) Acidity
106 Sugar
3,54 pH
AVIN7954174840067 AVIN
Nutritional information
per mL per portion (mL)
  • Alcohol Alcohol
  • Energetic Value Energetic Value
  • Sugar Sugar
  • others
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten
  • Contains sulfites Alergenics
download wine file
  • Cloves Strawberry Raspberry Black Pepper Violet
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