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Sandeman Opens New Cocktail Bar


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The Sandeman Terrace outside Sandeman Cellars in Gaia, Portugal

Sandeman has just unveiled its new Cocktail Bar - The Sandeman Terrace - right outside the Sandeman Cellars in Gaia, across the Douro River from Porto city.

Designed and built from a real shipping container, this new bar concept perfectly illustrates the brand tagline “Shippers of Fine Wines since 1790”.

Sandeman Terrace is the place to enjoy a selection of notorious Sandeman Cocktails like Splash, Bliss, Sparkler, Caipi, Crushed, Fizz, Royal, Sangria, On the Rocks.

You’re invited to taste fantastic new ways of enjoying Sandeman Porto, mixed with the most beautiful view over Douro River and Porto city, everyday from 10am to 8pm until October.

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